General Information​


All buses requires 16-32 A (red CEE socket) power maximum 25 meters from the bus when parked at venue. Parking without power means that not all essential functions of the bus can be in use.
All buses are ready with linens and towels etc. at the time of pick up.
Catering (food/drinks etc.) on the buses is normally NOT included in the service.
All buses have a landline climate system. The efficiency however may differ from bus to bus.
All buses have a WC and kitchen facilities with running water ready for use at all times. Depending on the possibility to empty grey water tanks and/or to fill up freshwater the function of WC and kitchen facilities may vary.
The Tour Manager have to pay in full, and immediately, any additional costs like parking fees, ferries, tolls, accommodation, BYOs, PDs etc. not agreed prior to the beginning of the tour.
  • All drivers provided by Midnight Express have to be treated as equals with the passengers / artists as far as catering and accommodation are concerned.
  • The Drivers instructions have to be followed unconditionally for reasons of safety.
  • The driver has the sole decision making power as far as driving time’s, rest periods, stops etc. are concerned.